The information currently found on this site is for the 2016 Lung Conference,
"Lung Immune Responses and Inflammation in Health and Disease."

Information for the 2018 Lung Conference is forthcoming.
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2011 Summary | Flyer

Advancements being made in Personalized Medicine are ushering in a revolutionary era of patient care, offering researchers, clinicians, and patients themselves an unprecedented chance to comprehend and employ information that promises to optimize preventative and therapeutic care for both the individual and society-at-large.

This Pittsburgh International Lung Conference, held in 2011, focused exclusively on the Personalized Medicine of Lung Disease, describing the present state of knowledge as well as current and potential applications of Personalized Medicine to all Pulmonary Diseases.  This conference featured presentations from almost 50 experts in the field.

Distinguished speakers included:

Following all day 1 speaker sessions, a poster reception was held for researchers to present original findings. The first day concluded with an evening banquet featuring a presentation by William A. Gahl, MD, PhD, Clinical Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH, DHHS.

Scientific Sessions: