2010 – Understanding the Interface Between Asthma, Host Defense and Mucosal Immunity

At this pioneering University of Pittsburgh Asthma Institute-hosted conference, foremost experts presented the latest understanding of biological pathways in asthma and clinical innovations for improving patient outcomes.

Following all speaker sessions on the first day, a facilitated poster session was led by Lauren Cohn, MD, Yale University for researchers to present their findings. 

The first day concluded with an evening banquet featuring a presentation by Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD, Harvard Medical School and editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine.

Scientific Sessions:

This revolutionary conference of international experts, caregivers, and industry specialists was a unique opportunity to discuss emerging data about asthma and analyze the information in relation to daily clinical practice and decision-making.

Day 1 of the two-day event focused on genetic, environmental, and phenotypic features that influence clinical care of several airway diseases.

  • Non-Asthmatic Airway Disease: Clinical Update
  • Asthma Phenotypes: Implications for Disease Mechanisms and Therapy
  • Linking the Phenome to the Genome to Identify Endotypes

The second day focused on host, pathogen, and immune responses in asthma.

  • The Intersection of Pathogens and Asthma: From Allergic Sensitization to Phenotyping
  • First Lines of Host Defense: The Conversion of Innate with Adaptive Responses
  • Th17: Too Much, Too Little (Or Too Late)?
  • T Regulatory Cells in Many Flavors and Their Role in Allergic Inflammation
  • Leading Thinkers from Industry

Distinguished speakers included: