2012 – Acute Lung Injury: New Mechanisms, Future Therapies, and the Translation to Clinical Care

The October 5-6, 2012, Pittsburgh International Lung Conference was the ninth in a series of educational conferences for increasing awareness among medical practitioners of the medical and scientific advances being made in treating lung disease. The focus of the 2012 conference was acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a sudden and life-threatening failure of the respiratory system.

More than 45 speakers and session chairs participated at the 2-day conference. Presentations and discussions focused on evidenced-based practices for the care of patients who are critically ill with ARDS and also sepsis and pneumonia. Sessions enhanced the knowledge of attendees about definitions, diagnosis, and clinical management of acute lung injury; preclinical and clinical investigations; and new discoveries about the basic science behind acute lung injury.

Scientific Sessions:

Friday, October 5, 2012

  • “Consensus” (or the lack of it) on the Definition of ARDS
  • Clinical Management Variables which Modify Disease Outcome
  • Roadblocks to Successful ARDS Clinical Trials
  • The Funding of Clinical Trials in ARDS

A poster reception followed the scientific sessions on Friday, providing an excellent forum for researchers to present their cutting-edge science.

A Banquet Dinner on Friday evening featured a presentation by Derek C. Angus, MD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Critical Care Medicine and Director of CRISMA (Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illnesses) Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

  • Lung Damage: Novel Mediators of ALI
  • Cellular Death and Cytoprotection
  • Lung Repair: Tissue Regeneration and Stem Cells
  • Lung Innate Immunity

Distinguished speakers included:

  • Edward Abraham, MD | Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • Derek C. Angus, MD*| University of Pittsburgh
  • Piero Anversa, MD | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Jahar Bhattacharya, MD, PhD | Columbia University
  • Roy G. Brower, MD | Johns Hopkins University
  • Hal Chapman, MD| University of California, San Francisco
  • Augustine M.K. Choi, MD* | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Ben de Boisblanc, MD | Louisiana State University
  • Michael P. Donahoe, MD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • Steven Dudek, MD | University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Luciano Gattinoni, MD |University of Milan
  • Mark T. Gladwin, MD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • Rolf D. Hubmayr, MD | St. Mary’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic
  • Jeremy M. Kahn, MD, MS | University of Pittsburgh
  • A. Murat Kaynar, MD | University of Pittsburgh
  • James P. Kiley, PhD | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Jay K. Kolls, MD | University of Pittsburgh
  • John P. Kress, MD | The University of Chicago
  • Janet S. Lee, MD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • Patty J. Lee, MD | Yale University
  • George Leikauf, PhD | University of Pittsburgh
  • Asrar B. Malik, PhD | University of Illinois
  • Rama K. Mallampalli, MD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • Michael A. Matthay, MD* | University of California, San Francisco
  • Gustavo Matute-Bello, MD | University of Washington
  • Bryan J. McVerry, MD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • Joseph P. Mizgerd, ScD | Boston University of Medicine
  • Alison Morris, MD, MS*| University of Pittsburgh
  • Michael M. Myerburg, MD | University of Pittsburgh
  • Viswanathan Natarajan, PhD | University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dale M. Needham, MD, PhD | Johns Hopkins University
  • Luis A. Ortiz, MD | University of Pittsburgh
  • Polly E. Parsons, MD | University of Vermont, College of Medicine
  • Claude A. Piantadosi, MD | Duke University
  • Michael R. Pinsky, MD | University of Pittsburgh
  • Bruce R. Pitt, PhD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • Prabir Ray, PhD* | University of Pittsburgh
  • John J. Reilly, Jr., MD | University of Pittsburgh
  • Susan D. Reynolds, PhD| University of Colorado
  • Mauricio Rojas, MD | University Pittsburgh
  • Gordon D. Rubenfeld, MD | University of Toronto
  • Sruti Shiva, PhD | University of Pittsburgh
  • Steven G. Simonson, MD | Agennix Incorporated
  • Boyd Taylor Thompson, MD | Harvard University
  • Lorraine Ware, MD* | Vanderbilt University
  • Yutong Zhao, MD, PhD | University of Pittsburgh

*Denotes Organizing Committee Member