Guidelines for Poster Presentations







Maximum of 45 inches



Maximum of 48 inches

The following guidelines are provided for poster presentations:

Poster Guidelines


– Accepted abstracts and subsequent posters should not contain proprietary or confidential information.

– If a drug has a generic version, the generic name(s) should be used for all drugs that qualify. If using brand names, they need to be company agnostic, not promotional, and consistent throughout your abstract and presenting poster.

– Poster presentations should include pictures, graphs, tables, captions, headlines, etc.

– All who submit abstracts are invited to attend the conference whether their abstract is accepted or not. However, registration is mandatory for everyone who plans to attend the conference, including presenting authors of accepted abstracts.

– All expenses associated with abstract submission and poster presentation are the presenter’s responsibility.

– Requests for withdrawal of an accepted abstract/poster must be received by the PILC in writing at by August 20.

Panel Presentation Area

Due to the popularity of the poster presentations and space restrictions, each presentation will be allocated panel space measuring 3.75 feet in width by 4 feet in height. Please be sure to print your poster in a VERTICAL design to adjust to this format.  Two different posters will be sharing space (side-by-side) on each board.

The boards are covered with a display fabric that easily fastens with push pins. Push pins will be provided. All posters will be mounted to this material with push pins. All Poster Boards will be pre-numbered in the upper corners of the board.  You will receive your individual poster number within your acceptance email and can then mount your poster to the corresponding board.

Poster Exhibit Area

The Poster Session Area will be located in Ballroom A on the first floor.

Set-Up Time

Thursday, September 8th, 7:00 am – 8:00 am

Poster Session

We ask that presenting authors are attendant at their poster boards for the lunchtime Poster Session on Thursday, September 8th, from 12:45 – 2:00 PM.

The Poster Session provides a forum for investigators from diverse disciplines to exchange new knowledge, findings, and ideas, and to lay the groundwork for future collaborations. We encourage you to participate in this key session.

There will also be ample time to review the posters during registration times and refreshments breaks at your leisure.

Posters will remain on display for the duration of the meeting.

Dismantling Time

Friday, September 9th, from 3:30 pm (after the last refreshment break) to the conclusion of the meeting.